Friday 10 February 2017

Cover-Zone Apollo Motorcycle Cover Review

Cover-Zone Apollo Motorcycle Cover Review

We already know that motorcyclists who keep their motorcycles outdoors have a huge choice of waterproof protective covers. We know that those that have the luxury to keep their motorcycles indoors, use a cover that they used to have for when they used to keep their bikes outside. Those that have always kept their bikes inside a garage are lucky b@stard$ probably use an old bed sheet. But we’ve noticed that although there are many brands that sell generic covers that claim to be waterproof, the choice of high quality, fitted covers (for indoor or outdoor use) is actually limited. 

You’ve already done the research. You can spend anything from £12.99 to £300+ on a motorcycle cover.

Over the years, we’ve found it's really difficult to find a cover that:

1. Fits properly
2. Is actually waterproof
3. Is breathable
4. Is high-quality
5. Is safe for the paintwork and is functional.

Are we being too picky? Should we be satisfied with the Chinese imported options available on the market? Or are you the same…? We all just want to protect our bikes from the wonderful UK conditions that we are exposed to.

It is for that exact reason that we have been working with the UK leader in vehicle cover technology, to show you, what we believe to be one of the best motorcycle covers on the market today. We are also excited to share with you, that as BirotarUK follower, you can make the most of a 15% discount with a discount code.

Cover-Zone are a UK based cover specialist that can produce covers for almost any vehicle. Yes, even Vans, Trucks, and hair-dresser convertibles like @Birotar_Jonjo’s 325ci. 
We are particularly interested in the motorcycle kind, of course.

Here, before you, you can see the Cover-Zone Apollo. A highly technical, nano-coated out door/indoor fitted cover.

What you will notice almost immediately is that we said the cover is fitted, but it doesn’t look fitted in the picture – that’s because this is a sample cover and the measurements were made when the #Bthou was in track mode with no mirrors and was sitting on a different set of stands.

Moving on. This cover is made bespoke to your motorcycle dimensions and it is UK made. Cover-Zone has designed the Apollo to be high quality, breathable but with maximum protection against the harshest conditions.

The Apollo is constructed from a military spec fabric, in the UK, that is adorned with a Teflon coating – allowing water to simply bead off.

The Cover-Zone Apollo specs:

Fully Breathable
Fully Waterproof
Suitable for all seasons
UK made to order
Fully Tailored Stretch Fit
12 Month Warranty
Non-scratch fittings
Double Stitching
Security Storm straps

Before you read any more, you should know that the covers are made in the UK. Wait, have we already said that?  Our point is that it is not made in China. There’s nothing wrong with China – in fact, without the Chinese covers, these covers wouldn’t be as good. Our point is that because it’s made on these shores, you can expect the standard of your cover to be above standard. Because of this, it can take up to 2-3 weeks for your bike cover to be tailor made and delivered.

Cover-Zone Apollo Review – Test by BirotarUK

We have tested the cover for the last 1 month on our GSXR 1000.

The cover comes in a robust carry/storage bag. Immediately you will notice how soft the Apollo is to the touch. At first it appears to be like a windproof soft-shell, but you soon realise that it is much more than that. There is no mistaking which side is the outside thanks to the contrasting red and black colours (which can be customised at the order). Fitting the cover to the bike is not as easy as a baggy storm/plastic cover, but then again, this means that it doesn’t flap around all over the place as soon as the wind picks up!

The cover is made up of three layers. The outer layer is a knitted microfiber polyester that provides strength and resistance to weather damage. The second layer is a special waterproof layer that prevents water molecules from passing through whilst still remaining breathable & the inner layer is an ultra strong non-scratch layer to go against the bike fairings, fittings, offering cushioning and further protection. These are all huge benefits over the competition. 

One of the many features we like about the cover is that once you have it fitted on the bike, you can put your chain lock through the robust loops to secure the bike and the cover together. Could this be another form of safety device? 

Once, the cover is buckled under the bike, you’re done. The cover is fitted. And it looks awesome! 

Condensation is natural and will build up as the sun rises and warms the air around the bike but thanks to the breathable nature of the fabric, the majority of the condensation escapes.

The waterproof coating prevents water from wetting the bike – which is what you need when the bike is kept outside.

We asked the technical team at Cover-Zone about covering the bike after a ride, and their advice is to leave the bike to cool down first. If you must cover it, then cover most of the bike, leaving the majority of the exhaust exposed to allow heat to escape.

So what do we think of the Apollo? We love it. We only ever tell you about products we believe in and trust to own and use our selves. This is a premium motorcycle cover that will protect your bike and we’re super excited to be providing BirotarUK followers with a discount code to get 15% off.

Not sure if this cover is for you? Because you keep your bike indoors, or because you have a race bike that lives in a unit or in the back of your van?

Well that's alright because Cover-Zone can help you also. Check out their indoor cover: the 'Kalahari'.

Here it is, Cover-Zone Apollo 15% off code: BIR217A.

If the Apollo isn't for you, but you don't want to miss out on a discount, don't worry - BirotarUK and Cover-Zone are going to look after you with 10% off any other cover on their website with the following code: BIR217S

To find out more, or to purchase the Cover-Zone Apollo, visit the Cover-Zone website

Let us know if you have any questions and enjoy!


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